Plainwell Arts Council


       Welcome to the Plainwell Arts Council                         PROMOTING ART FOR ALL       

The Plainwell Arts Council says:

Come out and support 40 Plainwell School 

Children this Saturday when they perform 


Robin Hood


Saturday, July 14th, 7pm

Plainwell Performing Arts Center

doors open at 6:15pm

Adults are $10, Children 14 and under $5.


These kids have worked hard all week.  We think they deserve your support. 

If you would like to support this endeavor financially, please click on the contact link on the left; or click on the Donate button on the right.  This program requires over $6000 annually and your help is welcomed.  

The Mission Statement of Missoula Children's Theatre

We live in a highly competitive era. Youngsters are introduced at an early age to the critical realities of our achievementand successoriented society. From academics to athletics to social interaction, children are pressured to get the best grades, to score the most points, to have the most friends. At the same time, segments of our society tend to view the arts as a luxury, a frill, an extra-curricular activity running a distant second to the popular status of sports. Add to these conditions the natural curiosity of the child, the tendency toward self-exploration, the adolescent impatience to put away the things of the child and emulate adult role models for better or for worse. Pressure. MCT approaches children with a full awareness of these conditions and strives to use participation in the performing arts as a vehicle to develop the lifeskills (social skills, communication skills, self-discipline, a strong work ethic, an understanding of the team concept and self-esteem) necessary to answer the challenges of our time. 


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